About Us

NJ Knitting Corp. is proud to be a family-owned knit production manufacturer committed to keeping 100% of our manufacturing and services right here in the United States.

While the number of America-based manufacturers has dropped over the past generations from hundreds to only a handful in the New York City area, NJ Knitting Corp. has continued to provide our private and corporate customers with high-quality products fully made in the U.S.A., including knit blankets, scarves, pillows, sweaters, dog sweaters, hats, bed scarves, ponchos, wraps, and more.

Our Story

Meet Greg and his family! In 1971, NJ Knitting Corp.’s current owner, Greg, started as a company employee in Passaic, New Jersey. Upon seeing his potential, the company sent Greg to Germany for a month of intensive machine training, where he learned programming and coding. After years of successful employment, he bought the company in 1995 and purchased a building of his own. Eventually, his wife, Krystyna, and children, Greg and Nicole, became integral parts of the business, continuing the tradition of quality and customer service with a modern flair.

Our Success

At NJ Knitting Corp., we attribute our success to our customer relationships, reliability, and product excellence. We take the time to listen to each customer’s goals to make sure they leave us satisfied and proud of their product. For us, each customers’ business is an extension of our own, and we enjoy getting to know you.

A large part of our success stems from our commitment to communication, which has led to our base of repeat customers and referrals—our biggest compliment! We take the time to listen to each customer’s unique needs, offer suggestions rooted in expertise, present options with confidence, and simplify the process for you.

For start-up businesses, NJ Knitting Corp. extends a helping hand and advice, and there is nothing more rewarding than having a business grow with us. After all, we have been there, too! No matter the order size or budget, we consistently extend the same high-quality service to all of our customers across the private and corporate sectors.

Our Focus

At NJ Knitting Corp., our reputation is built on decades of hard work, quality knit craftsmanship, and customer dedication. Each customer benefits from our extensive knit production industry knowledge, product and material expertise, and open communication throughout the entire process—whether printing one piece or thousands!

From material selections and designs to manufacturing techniques, our expert staff will decide what would work best to achieve your project and budget goals. Our knowledge of materials such as cotton, wool, acrylic, and poly and mastery of designs, sewing, weaves, patterns, and cables ensures that we can meet your personal or business project goals.

We blend the latest industry technology and innovations with our decades of knit design expertise and knit product knowledge to provide our customers with the highest quality outcomes while keeping the process simple for you to navigate.

Call NJ Knitting Corp. to learn more about our rich history and decades-long commitment to quality. Find out how we can bring your design and product projects to life!